Yesterday, Once More
Yesterday, Once More
Yesterday, Once More
Yesterday, Once More
Yesterday, Once More
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She's lived 21 years being invisible, especially to boys. If she were a book, her cover would say "Don't read me." She doesn't carry a lot of baggage, but the one bag she does carry weighs a ton. And it causes her pain that no one knows, except her friend, Hailey. Hiding in her books, Libby doesn't want the world to see her.

She never dreamed someone would see her... as beautiful.
Evan Michael Baelin
In his now-empty nest, Evan's emotional pendulum swings between regret for his decades past, and hope for a quiet future, alone. And like every man his age, he wishes he were young again... that it could be yesterday, once more.

Little does he know what yesterday has in mind for him.
She carries the same burden as her dear friend, Libby. She just handles it better. Unlike Libby, she could have any man she wants. But she doesn't want 'any man'. She wants 'the One'. Apparently, after three years, her ex wasn't him.

Is anyone these days worthy of being that One?
For most of his 20 years, he'd had his eyes on the future. And girls.

Little did he know that the future had its eyes on him.
Long ago, she couldn't control the one man she wanted in her life. Now, she's making up for it by taking total control. And if you play her game, she will set your heart on fire.

Her deck of cards isn't all that's stacked...

Yesterday, Once More is available in 3 flavors:

The Complete Trilogy

Book 1: Time Again the Chance for Love

The Complete Trilogy

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Frankie’s Bio
An admitted hopeless romantic, Frankie Mahrle was born this way.

From the day that Stuart Damon and Lesley Ann Warren graced the family's new color TV as Prince Charming and Cinderella, romance coursed through Frankie's blood. And when the family went to the drive-in, Frankie would watch Beau Geste, Dr. Zhivago, Wuthering Heights, Far from the Madding Crowd with the rapt eyes.

Then, Frankie saw "You Only Live Twice", and it all came together, because Frankie heeded Nancy Sinatra's lyrics, lived "one life for yourself, and one for your dreams."In school, Frankie actually enjoyed reading Great Expectation, Ethan Frome, and the poems of Byron and Burns.

In college, Frankie studied Freud and Vonnegut, Ken Kesey and Frank Herbert, Steinbeck, O'Neill, and Alvin Toffler. Writing came naturally for Frankie, first noted when a all-night drive across the humid core of Florida sparked a sci-fi romance involving 'The Last of the Krell', who built the powerful machine that ran the Forbidden Planet.

Growing up amid the lakes of Michigan, Frankie played Yahtzee, Cootie, Bowlene, Gnip Gnop, Funny Football, Slip Disc and "What Shall I Wear?" with her big brother, Julius, and her baby sister, Hunter. The Mahrle name came from birth, the middle child of Morgan and Felicia Mahrle. Unsure which exactly, Frankie suspects inspiration came from either Father's Aunt Francis, or Mother's Dachsund, Frankfurter.

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