Judas Iscariot prayed
for a second chance.

2,000 years later,
his prayer is answered!

When Judas Iscariot miraculously finds himself in the 21st Century, he seeks to usher in the long-promised Kingdom of God. In a world of terror and hatred, Judas must unite Jews and Muslims into a single faith with the mysterious, powerful Arab Prince Sabah as its earthly king.

Saturn goes missing. A massive tsunami destroys the beaches of Los Angeles. A new mother dies, but her newborn son, Elijah, lives. He has a special gift—he can hear what his mother hears in Heaven.

Father Calucci, an immortal Roman soldier cursed to walk the earth until the return of Christ, recognizes the signs—THE END HAS BEGUN!

Prince Sabah is assassinated before a half million Islamic pilgrims at Mecca. But... Judas, wielding the power of an Apostle, raises Sabah from the dead!

At the Vatican, Father Calucci reveals horrifying news that Christ's betrayer walks among men. The Pope and his Cardinals confront a vexing dilemma—not a question of can they stop Judas, but should they?

All the while, the heavens themselves are coming apart at the seams as a dark star is on final approach to bring about all of the signs of the Apocalypse!

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Christopher P. Simmons attended the University of Michigan, where he performed in the Michigan Marching Band, and graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He began his rocket science career at Hughes Aircraft (now Boeing) as a spacecraft propulsion engineer, performing launch ops at the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral.

He later returned to Michigan, working as a software support tech, college computer instructor, desktop publisher, and programmer, developing web applications in finance, manufacturing, contact management, and mortgage industries.

Christopher wrote his first manuscripts in 1988 and 1989, which served as the superstructure for his later works. In 1990, Christopher wrote the first chapter of Judas Christ, then paused four months while he created a manuscript which he entered into the Turner Tomorrow Award contest... the first version of his novel, A Farewell To Kings.

Christopher is a traveled biker, a versatile musician, a loving husband, and a devoted father. He hopes to instill in his children a love of writing, the courage to put pen to paper, and the resilience to persevere to THE END.
I dedicate this book to my *luscious* wife, Sue Stone Simmons,
who stood before me and listened when I needed to vocalize the swill in my head, who stood beside me when I needed someone to lean on, and who stood behind me when a well-placed boot was called for*.
But I'd like to also include everyone named Simmons who suffered with me through the "exotic and strange" years. If you wouldn't believe it till you'd seen it... well, lookie here!

*sue me!
I would like to acknowledge those who made the reality of publication come true.

First off, to Laura Taylor for being the first, middle, and last person to believe in this project. Sometimes, the one thing you need most is for someone else to believe in you.

Secondly to The Southern California Writers Conference:

Michael ‘But Does It Spin?’ Steven Gregory for enabling me to learn to suck less.

Wes ‘Not Everything is Black & White’ Albers for keeping the party on even keel.

"Read-and-critique" session Captain Matt Pallamary and his Princess of Darkness, Lorelei Armstrong whose first-hearing of Judas Christ met with firm, but constructive critique which did NOT begin with ‘are you outta your !@#%ing mind?’
To my beta readers, Jeff Michaels & Jill Q. Weiss, Trish Maas, and a few others who, while also my friends, did not let me suffer from the perils of an ‘echo chamber’.
And finally to Laura Taylor (again) for being my editor, my shepherd, and now my friend. She took an overgrown patch of vine-entangled shrubbery and *ahem* helped me trim it into a nicely landscaped garden.